Locking Line Flood Barriers

MCI’s New Product Line


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Locking Line Barriers

A Barrier is 45” long, 45”tall and 45” wide

Transport Configuration:

Primary Use Configurations:

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\server1gahLLB-CorpPAT-DocsPat-App 3-1-16JPDUsesFig 602.JPG
Versatility Change Wall Assembly Direction as Required

Control – Flooding, Traffic, Crowds and Hazardous Waste

Lock and Seal the Barriers into any Configuration Easily and Quickly

30 Year Life


Cost Effective

Steel Reinforced Recyclable Polyethylene Plastic

Transportation and Storage Friendly – 416 Linear feet per 53’ Trailer

2 men – 2 hours installation or removal per truckload


Based on a Known Fact:

“… Every $1 Spent on Disaster Preparation

Results in $7 in Disaster Recovery Savings…”The Denver Post

Product Production Development:

Construct Tooling:


Our Initial Molds Are Completed!

Just How BIG Is 4’x4’x4’


Sometimes we even forget how large our Flood Barriers are and have been waiting patiently to build one.


These PICS provide a real life insight to what it takes to make our products.



Tool Building will always be an ongoing process.


The PICs reflect one type of mold, numerous other tools are required, to outfit each production plant.



Hot Out of the Oven!

Product Steps

Step 1: Produce the Shell


P:\MCI - MFG Contractors\0-WaterBlocks\Joes Phone Pictures\WB Factory PICS\Joes Pics\IMG_0581.jpg P:\MCI - MFG Contractors\0-WaterBlocks\Joes Phone Pictures\WB Factory PICS\Joes Pics\IMG_0585.jpg P:\MCI - MFG Contractors\0-WaterBlocks\Joes Phone Pictures\WB Factory PICS\Joes Pics\IMG_0653.jpg P:\MCI - MFG Contractors\0-WaterBlocks\Joes Phone Pictures\WB Factory PICS\Joes Pics\IMG_0608.jpg P:\MCI - MFG Contractors\0-WaterBlocks\Joes Phone Pictures\WB Factory PICS\Joes Pics\IMG_0623.jpg

Step 2: Install Steel Components and Finish Work

C:\Users\joe\Pictures\Saved Pictures\OKC Pics\IP-1.JPG C:\Users\joe\Pictures\Saved Pictures\OKC Pics\IP-3.JPG C:\Users\joe\Pictures\Saved Pictures\OKC Pics\IP-2.JPG C:\Users\joe\Pictures\Saved Pictures\OKC Pics\IP-4.JPG

They Have The Strength!

Support Test:

3,500 lbs. of Steel

Dead Weight

No Damage!




2 units in shipping cube 2 units inline (8 ft width) 3 units for double stacking


Production of our new:



By simply making a few modifications to our Flood Control Barriers,

we were able to produce our new:


WaterBlocks Crowd Control Barriers


\\server1\LLB-Corp\000-NEW CURRENT\Mike WIP\ConExpo Images\Initial Setup_3.JPG


We have created a new Heavy Weight Crowd Control Barrier System,

To prevent crowds from throwing them around!

Done, progressing, and ongoing.



WaterBlocks Marketing Momentum

Once every 3 years; North America’s largest Manufacturing Trade Show, ConExpo, is held in Las Vegas, NV

C:\Users\joe\Documents\ConExpo\000-NEW CURRENT\Mike WIP\2020 Con Expo\Start Engine Update\Art work\ConExpo 2020.JPG

We Publically Launched our Product Line as Booth Exhibitors, supported by an evening Hospitality suite at “Bally’s Hotel. A side note: It took 22 individuals to man the event; believe it or not, all 22 were volunteer members of the WaterBlocks Investor Team.

And, WE Had Great Response!

Booth Participant Reactions to WaterBlocks:




ConExpo2020 Results:


Three Pilot Project Proposals under consideration:

  A:  Statewide 100 TruckLoads,   10,400 Barriers

B.  City   10-20 Truckload   1,400 to 2,800 Barriers

C.  Municipality Districts   10 Truckload   1,400 to 2,800 Barriers

      D.  Numerous Business Inquiries

Global Distribution Inquires From:

Canada  Indonesia   Australia  Ghana (pilot project proposal)   Dubai