Manufacturing Contractors began as a family owned and operated business supplying the transportation industry with rigging equipment.  The metal fabrication that was required to meet the demands of this industry allowed MCI to reach out and begin servicing and automating CNC machines.  With the hardware and knowledge in had to engineer and create metal fixtures, MCI began using its Service Disabled Veteran Owned status to bid on, and compete for, government contracts.

Changing pace, and targeting the needs of the United States’ Government, MCI began facilitating the means to provide the government with plastic materials.  After years of experience providing the government with these goods and services, MCI has brought its abilities to the private sector.

Still family owned and operated, owned by a Vietnam Era Veteran, and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, MCI maintains a “Made in the USA” title.  All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in the United States, by United States workers.

Manufacturing Contractors, Inc, is a specialty manufacturer of plastic and steel products with two long term customers, the Department of Energy, (DOE) servicing the nuclear waste liner needs of various nuclear waste sites around the country. The roto-molded polyethylene product(s) are used to meet UN Accord requirements for the disposal of certain nuclear waste and protect the steel drums utilized as required and ultimately buried at the DOE – WIPP facility in Carlsbad NM. The other customer, the USDA, for whom MCI makes injection molded plastic seed trays; for the long term storage of genetic agricultural seeds, which happens once every 12 to 14 months, when we produce between 2,000 and 3,000 trays.

The initial DOE contract was issued in 2006 to CMC, a trade name, was later transferred to MCI as a new corporation in 2009 which was created to expand into steel fabrication. Periodically, over the years we have designed, engineered and produced specialized steel cargo handling equipment and other customized steel products.

During the first five years of our contract for our standard liner there were only two vendors providing the liners to the DOE. The other vendor has since discontinued production leaving MCI presently as the sole source for this product.

The MCI Heavy Duty (HD) Liner was designed and engineered by MCI which owns the only molds in existence for producing this product and its lifting tool and remains exclusive to MCI.