Locking Line Flood Barriers

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Locking Line Barriers

A Barrier is 45” long, 45”tall and 45” wide

Transport Configuration:

Primary Use Configurations:

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\server1gahLLB-CorpPAT-DocsPat-App 3-1-16JPDUsesFig 602.JPG
Versatility Change Wall Assembly Direction as Required

Control – Flooding, Traffic, Crowds and Hazardous Waste

Lock and Seal the Barriers into any Configuration Easily and Quickly

30 Year Life


Cost Effective

Steel Reinforced Recyclable Polyethylene Plastic

Transportation and Storage Friendly – 416 Linear feet per 53’ Trailer

2 men – 2 hours installation or removal per truckload


Based on a Known Fact:

“… Every $1 Spent on Disaster Preparation

Results in $7 in Disaster Recovery Savings…”The Denver Post